Shaping Klal Yisroel's future one date at a time

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Venue Assistance

Our hotline helps daters find the perfect venue for their date, ensuring optimal success.

We plan 50-75 dates each week!

(732) 523-0614

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Our 11 Locations service over 300 bochurim a week, supplying them with anything they could possibly need. From games, watches, umbrellas, and GPS, to Waze devices and EZPass tags.

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Financial Aid

Dating can be a costly burden for those already struggling to pay for their daily expenses. We provide support to ensure that the date is planned optimally without being held back by financial considerations.

Our Gemach Locations

Games, Watches, Umbrellas

Room 109 in the Irv

(732) 523-0614

Waze Devices, GPS, EZPass Tags

Room 119 in the Irv

(732) 523-4827

Lakewood (BMG)


Torah V’Daas


(845) 659-3660

(Mariner Way)


(216) 849-0209


Ner Yisroel

Monsey 2

R’ Asher Weiss Yeshiva


(305) 527-3762


(773) 203-1718


(248) 915-2159

Los Angeles

(323) 919-4997

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Join us in helping form Klal Yisroel's future one date at a time!


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there are families that simply cannot afford to give a yes. the first date alone will cost over $160 after a car rental, gas, tolls , and parking. they were barely able to pay for last week’s groceries.



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your donation can make a shidduch happen!

Application form for financial aid

If you have any questions while applying, please feel free to reach out to our office at 908-783-5371